Herding Evaluations

Dog Herding Evaluations

Are you interested in getting started?

The first step is a Herding Evaluation. The evaluation includes an assessment of your dog’s temperament and ability for herding and a discussion of what you wish to achieve with your dog.

We'll begin in the round pen with some dog friendly sheep who won't threaten or challenge your dog.  What we're looking for is a sign of interest in the sheep from your dog.  Sometimes, the dog is happiest when its owner is in the pen with it; in other cases it works best if the owner remains outside and the trainer introduces your dog to sheep for its first exposures.

Results are all over the map!  Some dogs don't acknowledge the sheep ... some are so excited that they suddenly forget all of their obedience skills and become apparently mad, others get a little too in touch with their inner wolf.  In some cases, the dog is frightened.

Not every dog from a herding breed family has instinct.  If instinct is present, we can work with what your dog has.  In some cases, an individual dog might not be cut out for this pursuit, or for our training methods.  We do not use harsh training techniques or devices, and if that seems to be required for a dog to work sheep without eating them, perhaps a different activity should be explored!



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