Herding Lessons

Dog Herding Training and Lessons

So you and your dog are in agreement, you want to pursue the arcane art of working livestock together!  Herding lessons are the place to start.

To begin, most dogs won't need or want a full 50 minute time on sheep.  Yes, they will be excited and love it, but it is physically, mentally and emotionally taxing on them.  A half hour is usually appropriate for dogs starting out.

Another option is to join a group of 3 or more dog / handler teams for lessons.  You will be matched with others at a similar stage of training, and alternate turns. This provides a good rhythm for the young and exuberant as well as for the older and potentially tired!  Shorter work sessions interspersed with rest are good.

As you and your partner advance to work in the great wide open spaces, to prepare for an event or are ready to work with larger groups of sheep, it's time to move up to a 50 minute private lesson with one on one time.

Sheep Time


You'll want to practice all you are learning, and not everyone has a flock of sheep outside.  Palm Cottage Farm offers sheep time in 50 minute segments, by prior approval and appointment only.

Our sheep are important to us.  They help us train dogs, certainly, but we don't view them as "dog toys" in any way.  Only students or others who have shown that their dogs are ready and able to handle sheep with control and respect are ready for this step.


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