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Thanks to Karen Child, I was fortunate to bring Ripley into my life almost six years ago.  Ripley was sired by Angie Coker's Sam, who holds the significant distinction of having won both the National Nursery AND Open championships in his career.  Her dam was Bruce and Linda Fogt's Megan.

Ripley was the first dog I had the privilege of working with who really wanted to be on the same team with me, no arguments.  Walking to the post with her has been a pleasure, and her joyful and kind disposition has cheered us up on many a gloomy day.

This season has been a very successful one for Ripley and me.  She has been right there every time, giving her all.

At the Regionals this Fall, she laid down a beautiful run on the first day.  Unfortunately, on the second she yelped when leaving my feet and continued with a definite hitch in her get-a-long.  I called her off, hoping to be able to put down a run with her on the Double Lift Sunday.  She was still off, however, so following that trial she's had a lay-off.   A much anticipated breeding with Riggs ended sadly with a case of Pyometra and and emergency spay.

I'm very happy to report that Ripley seems to be back to her old self.  She is living the high life in the house, pre-washing the dirty dishes before I run the dishwasher, and storing up her strength to join me at the "whipping post" again soon.